Bondi Park Outdoor Gym

This gym has calisthenics equipment organised in a hub. Workout here to develop your strength.

The Bondi Park Outdoor Gym is located in Bondi Park, Bondi Beach, and can be accessed via Campbell Parade. This gym has calisthenics equipment in a hub designed for strength training.


A sea side workout designed for full body strengthening with a mix of upper body, lower body, and core strengthening exercises. Aim to complete 3 rounds of the circuit. Adjust as needed.


Jog x 5 min along promenade. [Walking Path]


Monkey Walks x 2 [Monkey Bars]
Reach from one bar to the next along the bars.
Bench Dips x 12 [Bench Dip Bars]
Holding onto bars with feet straight out in front, lower bottom towards the ground, then straighten arms.
Incline Leg Raises x 12 [Incline Bench]
Lying on your back holding onto the bar, use core to pull toes up towards the sky, then lower.
Incline Push Up x 12 [Push Up Bar]
Hands on bar in plank position. Lower chest to bar then straighten arms.
Forward Log Hops x 5 [Log Hop]
Jump with both feet at the same time over each of the 4 logs.
Inverted Rows x 12 [Horizontal Bar]
Holding onto the bar, walk feet out so shoulders are hanging below hands. Pull chest to bar then slowly lower.
Split Squats x 8 [Bench]
Step one foot behind you onto the bench, bend the standing leg into a lunge position with knee over toes, then straighten. Repeat full set on one leg, then the other.
Jump Pull Ups x 8 [Pull Up Bar]
Jump to grab onto the bar and bring chin above bar height. Slowly lower back to the ground.


Pec Stretch x 30 sec [Stretch Station]
Place forearm on post with elbow at shoulder height. Turn away from that arm and hold.
Quad Stretch x 30 sec [Stretch Station]
Pull heel to your bottom. Try to keep knees in line with each other. Hold.
Standing Hamstrings x 30 sec [Stretch Station]
Place one heel on post at knee height. Keep knees straight and bend forward until you feel a stretch.
Calf Stretch x 30 sec [Stretch Station]
Leaning against post, step one foot backwards which keeping knee straight and toes pointing forward. Hold.


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Some of the equipment at this location has exercise instructions to help with your workout – thanks to a_space.

Please note: Equipment in the videos may not match the equipment at this location exactly.

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Parallel Bars

Monkey Bars

Bench Dip Bars

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