Stockyard Park Outdoor Gym

This gym has calisthenics & exercise equipment organised in an unknown format. Workout here to develop your strength.

The Stockyard Park Outdoor Gym is located in Stockyard Park, Little Mountain, and can be accessed via Ivadale Boulevard. This gym has calisthenics & exercise equipment in an unknown format designed for strength training.


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  1. No water bubbler nearby

    Clean equipment, hard and low seats. Chest press is awkward to gain access to due to bar at front of equipment.

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Some of the equipment at this location has exercise instructions to help with your workout – thanks to a_space.

Please note: Equipment in the videos may not match the equipment at this location exactly.


Pull Up Bar

Monkey Bars

Dip Bars

Little Mountain QLD AU
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Gym Equipment

Bench Press
Butterfly Press
Dip Bars
Leg Raise
Monkey Bars
Pull Up Bar
Push Up Bar
Vault Bar