With thousands of new users every month, Robinhood is fast becoming the destination of choice for people looking to get fit in the outdoors.

Because users have specifically searched for fitness locations and activities, personal trainers and swim coaches/teachers have a captive audience to convert into customers.


1. Sign up as a trainer

Create a profile, describe your offering, and choose which gym/pool locations you service. Let potential customers know what your strengths are, and what type of client will be a great match for you.


2. Get discovered

Upon confirmation, your profile will appear on listings throughout the website and will be visible to prospective clients.


3. Take bookings directly

Having stipulated your availability on your profile, visitors can book sessions with you directly. Once a booking has been made, you will be notified, and you can start to communicate with your new client. Robinhood receives a percentage of your booking fee.



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