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A callisthenics workout for an outdoor gym

Callisthenics exercises generally use large portions of the body and minimal equipment. Callisthenics can be done at any outdoor gym setting. This is because they include the likes of bodyweight exercises which don’t require equipment, and gross motor skills such as walking, running and jumping.

Gymnastics and much of the equipment required to do it can be considered as a type of callisthenics workout. Most outdoor gyms include some sort of bar at a minimum. Many outdoor gyms will have several bars of different heights, thus allowing a wide range of gymnastics based callisthenics exercises to be performed.

Here is one example of a callisthenics workout for an outdoor gym:

Callisthenics Warm Up (10min)

  1. Jog or walk/jog around your outdoor gym area (5 minutes)
  2. 5 minutes of dynamic stretches:
    • Arm circles and swings
    • Leg swings – forward and back, and side to side
    • Hip circles
    • Torso twists
    • Side to side stretch lunges

Bodyweight exercises (9min)

1 minute each exercise and 30 seconds rest in between.

  1. Push ups on knees or feet
  2. Bodyweight lunges
  3. Chin ups or modified chin ups
  4. Hip raises on ground
  5. Front plank on knees or feet
  6. Superman (opposite arm to leg) on hands and knees

Gymnastics style callisthenics exercises (3min)

30 seconds per exercise and 1 minute rest in between.

  1. Handstand practice, or appropriate progression
  2. Swinging on a bar (one that is higher than your fingertips when you reach your arms above your head)

Cardio style callisthenics exercises (5min)

1 minute each with no rest in between.

  1. Walking or running step ups onto a low step (30 seconds each side)
  2. Mountain climbers – either high or low impact
  3. Star jumps – side taps for a low impact option
  4. Skipping
  5. Shuttle runs – sprint in one direction; jog or walk back

Callisthenics cool down (10min)

  1. Very easy jog or walk around the outdoor gym area (5 minutes)
  2. Full body static stretches (5 minutes). Muscles to focus on include calves, quads, hamstrings, buttocks, back, abdominals, shoulders, chest and back.


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