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Free outdoor workout programs

There are lots of free outdoor workout programs available online. Check out some of the places you can find them below, along with a few tips on how to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Free outdoor workout programs on YouTube

There are endless free workouts available on YouTube. It’s a visual medium so it can really help in terms of learning how to do the workout. Basically, all you need to do is type what you’re looking for into the “search” box. The more specific you can be with your search, the more likely you are to find what you’re looking for. Consider:

  • How advanced you want your workout to be (i.e. are you beginner, intermediate or advanced?)
  • How long you want your workout to be – you’ll be able to choose from workout videos that are anywhere from a couple of minutes up to a full hour
  • What type of outdoor workout you want to do – yoga, bodyweight workout, dumbbell workout, HIIT workout, leg blast, etc.
  • Then put it all together in a sentence inside the search box. E.g.

“10 minute beginners bodyweight workout”


“30 minute advanced cardio workout”


“Strength workout with resistance bands”

A free bodyweight workout program you can do anywhere

You can also download a free workout like this. It’s a bodyweight workout program so you’ll be able to use it at any outdoor gym. It has been written by an experienced, degree qualified fitness trainer and there are three progression levels offered for each exercise so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Use an app for a free outdoor workout program

An outdoor workout app can offer a very user friendly experience for your outdoor workout programs. Some outdoor workout apps may have a small charge, others are free. Similar to your YouTube searches, be specific about what you’re looking for. App ratings can also help you to make your decision. For a really high intensity workout app, try searching “freeletics” or “tabata”. For easier options try something like “beginners outdoor workouts”.


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