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Outdoor gym exercises to get you started

There are endless options available for your outdoor gym exercises. Outdoor gyms vary greatly in the number of and type of equipment available. The great news is that you can have an awesome workout whether you’ve got a wide range of machines available or just a very simple set up.

A basic workout structure

To get started with a basic full body workout, include the following components:

1. 5-10 minute cardiovascular warm-up

A warm-up starts at a low level of intensity and builds up to a medium level of intensity, to prepare you for your workout ahead. In an outdoor gym setting, you may have a machine such as a stepper, cross trainer or stationary bike to do your warm up. Other options include a brisk walk or light jog around your outdoor gym area. You could also bike, walk or jog to your outdoor gym or bring along a skipping rope for your warm up.

2. Three resistance based exercises

At a basic level, to cover the full body, choose one exercise from each category below. Start with 10-15 repetitions of one exercise from each category:

A. Push exercise (chest, shoulders and triceps)

Chest press, bench press, dips or push-ups

B. Pull exercise (back, shoulders and biceps)

Lat pulldown, seated row, chin ups or dumbbell/barbell row

C. Compound leg exercise (legs and buttocks)

Squats, leg press, lunges or step ups

Repeat a second round of exercises when time allows and your body starts getting used to the workout.

3. 5-minute cooldown and 5-minute stretch

Cooldowns start at a medium-low level of intensity and gradually ease you to a stop. They can assist in workout recovery. You can do anything from the warm-up list; just make sure that you’re easing the intensity down gradually. Finish with five minutes of stretches that cover the main muscles you worked out.


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