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Training at an outdoor gym with children

Training at an outdoor gym with children is sometimes a necessity in order to fit a workout in for the day! It can be a lot of fun, especially with a bit of forethought as to how you’re going to include them. Here are our best tips to make sure that you can still get a great workout with the ‘littles’ around.

Consider the setting of your outdoor workout with children

At a typical outdoor gym the kids might have fun trying out the workout equipment alongside you. Just make sure that they’re using the equipment safely. If you think they might get bored quickly with the equipment then consider taking your outdoor gym workout to a playground on the days you have them in tow. Playground equipment has been specially designed with kids in mind and there are plenty of ways you can do your own effective playground workout.

What are you going to bring to your outdoor gym workout with kids?

Be prepared over and above your usual workout preparation. Take water and snacks for the kids, as well as things that will help keep them happy and engaged. If you’re taking your outdoor gym workout to the local park, bring a ball that they can kick around or let them ride their bikes or scooters around the area.

How to involve kids in your outdoor gym workout

Did you know that lots of games kids love can help enhance your workout? Play ‘tag’, ‘stuck in the mud’, or set up some relays with them for starters. Think of ways you can include kids in your exercises. Can you let the kid be the ‘load’ for a particular exercise (e.g. squats while piggy backing) or will you let them use the timer function on your phone to time you doing certain exercises?

With a bit of creativity and imagination you can have a great time working out at an outdoor gym with your kids. Ask them for their input and ideas too, so that they can be part of the process.


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