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What you’ll need to take with you to an outdoor gym

You can certainly simply show up at your local outdoor gym and get right into your workout. A little preparation beforehand can also be helpful. Consider the following to maximize your workout effectiveness and level of enjoyment:

1. Your phone

A workout is a great time to ‘switch off’ from the world so you may want to leave your phone at home for this reason. However, it can also be well worth bringing if you want to use a fitness app, the timer function or a stored workout program. You can also use it to record exercises, weights and repetitions or for your Instagram gym selfie! Many phone functions can be used in flight mode so that you avoid being distracted by anything else.

2. Appropriate workout attire

You don’t need to rush out and purchase the latest workout fashion for your outdoor gym workout. However it’s important that you have shoes and clothing that allow you to workout comfortably, safely, and without restriction.

Be careful of overly baggy clothing that could get caught in machinery. Ensure the clothing that you choose allows for a full range of motion and that it’s also weather appropriate. If you’re working out in the sun choose a top that covers your shoulders, and a hat, sunglasses and sunblock. If it’s raining, consider bringing a jacket and a change of clothes to leave in your car.

3. Drink bottle and snack

Come prepared for your outdoor workout with a drink bottle filled with fresh water. Some outdoor gym areas may have a fountain where you can refill your bottle to help you stay hydrated for optimal performance. Bring a small snack, such as a piece of fruit to have after your workout. This can help replace the carbohydrates you lose during your workout and to keep you going until you can eat a meal.

Finally, take a positive attitude and a smile and you’ll be all set for a great outdoor gym workout ahead!


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