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How to use supersets at outdoor gyms to increase your workout intensity

If you want to get fitter and stronger it’s important to plan regular progressions into your outdoor gym program. These can be gradually added in over a period of time as your body adapts and is ready for a new level of challenge.

Some outdoor gym workout progressions can also be used as “variations” to challenge the body and provide you with a method to push yourself a little further on the days when you’ve got extra energy to burn!

Supersets are one training method you can use to progress your outdoor gym workout. You can use supersets when you’re ready to take your program up a notch or if you’re just looking for some extra intensity on any given day.

This is a training method that can be applied to the most basic outdoor gyms that have little equipment on offer, or to those that are fully equipped with a number of machines.

Basically, supersets require you to perform two or more exercises from the same muscle group, back to back, with no rest in between.

Here are a few examples of supersets that you could try at your local outdoor gym:

  1. Squats and lunges performed back to back with no rest (or swap one of these out for a leg press if it’s available)
  2. Push ups and bench press (and/or chest press or dips) performed back to back with no rest
  3. Chin ups and lat pulldown (and/or seated row or barbell row) performed back to back with no rest

Start by doing just two exercises back to back with no rest. If you want to progress further after you’ve adapted to that, try three exercises that use the same muscle group or repeat your two-exercise superset one more time (e.g. squats/lunges/squats/lunges with no rest).

Remember to always warm up before your workout to properly prepare your body, especially when you’re doing more intense workouts like these. For example, take a jog around the park or area where your outdoor gym is located. Cool down and stretch after your workout to assist with recovery.


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