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How to mix up your training with a park workout

Your local park provides a great space for workouts. Although you won’t have the equipment you’d get at a typical outdoor gym there are plenty of ideas you can use to have an awesome workout. Here are some of our favourites!

Cardio training at the park

  • Fartlek training: this is a less intense alternative to interval training. Jog around the park and periodically increase and decrease your speed to adjust the intensity
  • Take a skipping rope with you or try alternatives to running such as side gallops, criss cross legs, skipping (without a rope), hopping, high knees, butt kicks and two-foot jumps
  • Place two or more objects a desired distance apart and use them for shuttle runs. Start by sprinting to the first object and jogging back, sprinting to the second and jogging back, and so forth. Then mix it up with some of the movements from the previous point. You can also try other movements such as bear walks, crab walks, walking lunges, plank walks, or even wheelbarrows if you have a friend!
  • Other cardio ideas include burpees, mountain climbers and step ups onto park benches

Use the park benches!

As well as for step ups, park benches are great for dips, easy-level planks and mountain climbers. You can also use them for push ups. Put your hands on the bench if you’re still working on mastering a full push up. Put your feet on the bench if you’re already a master!

Resistance training at the park

Your local park could have a set of bars to allow you to include chin ups in your workout. If not, there are endless bodyweight exercises you can do. Try squats, lunges and variations (e.g. “jumping” or “walking”), front and side planks, push ups, sit ups, superman, hip raises and leg raises.

A resistance band can also go a long way for your park workout. Exercises you can do with a resistance band include shoulder press, upright row, bent over row, bicep curls, tricep extension, lat and front raises and more.


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