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Workout on a budget with free outdoor fitness options

At first glance you might think that a fitter lifestyle is going to involve a pricey gym membership along with new shoes and fitness gear. However none of this is essential. Your workout can be just as effective using whatever you have to get started right now.

Here are six ideas to work out on a budget with free outdoor fitness options:

  1. Jogging, walking and swimming – change up the scenery regularly to keep it interesting. Try barefoot walking or jogging in the sand, your local boardwalks, footpaths, parks and hiking trails. Swim at your local beach, lake or free outdoor pool.
  2. A free fitness app – Check out the app store on your phone and filter by free fitness apps. You should find options that don’t require any special equipment
  3. Try an outdoor gym – There are outdoor gyms popping up all over the place. They vary in terms of the equipment they offer and all can provide an awesome free outdoor workout. Unlike their indoor counterparts, they are free to use!
  4. Make use of what’s available – Ride a bike if you have one. If you don’t, do you know someone with an old one in their garage? Maybe you could borrow it, or swap it for something useful for them?
  5. Workout with a friend – Working out with a friend is a great option for free outdoor fitness. You can encourage each other and push each other to get a better workout. Friends also make great spotters and can provide resistance when you don’t have weights available.
  6. Join a group – Most areas have free meetups that are fitness related. If you can’t find one, then create your own. Ideas include a hiking group, mums and bubs fitness group, cycling group or ocean swimming group.


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