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How to train for free in the outdoors

It’s easy to think that you need a gym membership or some type of fancy equipment to get in a decent workout. However neither of these things are a necessity! Nature itself offers a vast array of workout opportunities that don’t need to cost a cent.

Check out the following great ideas on how to train for free in the outdoors.

An active commute to and from work

Instead of driving or catching the bus, can you walk, jog, skate, scoot or bike to and from work? Some workplaces make it easier to do this by providing showering facilities. If a shower isn’t on offer at your workplace, store your work clothes and some deodorant at work so you can have a quick “shower in a can!”

If you’re commuting over a longer distance, consider walking one or two bus or train stops before jumping on, or parking your car a bit further away from work.

Make a splash!

Lakes, rivers and oceans are all free to swim in. When you’ve got the confidence and skills to brave the open water you can get a great full body workout in without having a gym in sight! Check out OceanFit for ocean swimming lessons to learn how to swim safely and enjoyably in the open water.

Beaches offer a double whammy for fitness. No one can deny that running or even walking in the soft sand can raise the heart rate pretty quickly!

In some coastal locations you’ll also find free outdoor swimming pools, or ocean pools, which mimic a normal swimming pool for lap swimming, but it’s totally free!

Check out your local outdoor gym

Know the locations of your local outdoor gyms and workout areas. They’re free to use and all of them can offer you a great workout, whether they’ve got a few simple pieces of kit or a full set up.

Parks and trails

Leafy green parks provide great workout opportunities. Many of them have paths around the outside and/or through the middle. Some even have pieces of fitness equipment dotted around them. Hiking trails offer anything from an easy to an intense workout depending on how fast you go, how much you carry, and how steep the trail is.


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