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Ideas for a free weekly outdoor fitness plan

An outdoor fitness program is whatever you’re going to do for your workout during any given session. An outdoor fitness plan is how your schedule is going to look across a week, or even a month.

There are a few variables to consider when putting together your weekly outdoor fitness plan:

  1. Frequency – How many times during the week will you do outdoor fitness? Within this you need to allow time for rest and recovery
  2. Intensity – How hard will you work out? Which workouts will be easy/recovery type workouts? Which ones will have a strong cardio component and/or resistance training component? Which ones will be high intensity? Or will each workout be a mix?
  3. Time – How long will you spend working out each session? What will be your time allocation for cardio, strength and relaxing forms of exercise throughout the week? What time of the day will you work out?
  4. Type – What type of outdoor fitness will you do? Will you do running or cycling based workouts? How about resistance training using dumbbells and barbells, or machines, or bodyweight only?

There are endless combinations for your weekly outdoor fitness plan. Here are a few ideas to try:

 Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 
MONDAY Full body resistance training – 45 minutes REST Chest/shoulders/triceps resistance training (20 minutes) + 15 minutes HIIT 
TUESDAY Steady state cardio – 30 minutes Lower body resistance training (30 minutes) + cardio interval training (20 minutes) 20 minute ocean swim 
WEDNESDAY REST REST Back/legs/biceps resistance training (20 minutes) + 15 minutes steady state cardio 
THURSDAY Full body resistance training – 45 minutes 25 minute run REST 
FRIDAY Outdoor yoga and stretch session – 30 minutes REST Legs & core resistance training (20 minutes) + 15 minutes HIIT 
SATURDAY HIIT cardio – 30 minutes Upper body resistance training (30 minutes) + steady state cardio (20 minutes) 30 minute outdoor pool swim + stretches 
SUNDAY REST Core exercises and stretches (30 minutes) 1 hour bike ride 




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