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Outdoor gym workout ideas

It’s good to have a few outdoor gym workout ideas up your sleeve. This allows you to tailor your outdoor gym workout plan to improve specific elements of your fitness.

Note that all workouts should include a cardiovascular warm-up that gradually increases in intensity. This could be a light jog or brisk walk around your local outdoor gym area, which builds up to a medium level of intensity. Cool down after each workout with something similar, but with less intensity (as you’re trying to ease yourself down to a stop).

Here are two outdoor gym workout ideas that you can try after your warm up and before your cool down.

1. Cardio blast (to improve heart and lung fitness)

10 minutes of steady state cardio of your choice

Steady state means that you stay at the same intensity. Aim for an intensity that is higher than your warm up. Your breathing will be heavier but you should still be able to talk!

Cardio equipment you could use includes stationary bikes, steppers and cross trainers. They won’t be available at all outdoor gyms so you can also opt for walking or jogging as appropriate, or step ups onto a small step or bigger bench.

10 minutes interval training

There are various intervals you can use for your training. Start off by trying 30 seconds as intensely as you can, followed by 1.5 minutes of active recovery. Repeat five times.


  • 30 seconds running step ups followed by 1.5 minutes low impact, slow step ups
  • 30 seconds burpees followed by 1.5 minutes light jogging
  • 30 seconds sprinting followed by 1.5 minutes light jogging or walking

2. Lower body circuit

Perform each of the following exercises for one minute, with no rest in between. Rest for a few minutes and repeat if desired.

  1. Bodyweight squats or progressions (e.g. jump squats)
  2. Jogging, walking or shuttle runs
  3. Bodyweight lunges or progressions (e.g. dynamic lunge)
  4. Calf raises – either with two legs, or 30 seconds each side
  5. Hip raises on the ground
  6. Step ups, either high or low intensity, 30 seconds each side
  7. Leg press if available. Otherwise a bodyweight squat with a knee lift (alternate sides)
  8. Mountain climbers, either high or low intensity


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